Heyday - the smartest and safest strength trainer

March 22, 2023

Heyday is the smartest and safest at-home strength trainer - a personal and efficient way for people of all ages and abilities to train for muscular strength.

Before jumping to the next topic, I'd like to clarify some terms here - what is muscular strength? Muscular strength and muscle mass are not the same. Muscular strength is the ability to move heavier objects. Muscle mass is simply the physical size of the muscle.

Sure, larger muscle looks better, but stronger muscle is crucial to your health. We have the misconception that muscular strength is only important to athletes or people that do hard labor work. It is simply not true. Muscular strength is important for everyone during daily activities. According to research, stronger muscle translates to healthier bones, better stability and posture, higher stamina, and less susceptible to chronic illness. Maintaining muscular strength is one of the most important things for a healthy and active lifestyle.

The bad news is - we don't have our muscles forever. After 30, we naturally lose our muscles every year. Between 50 and 60, our muscular strength declines by 1.5% a year. After 60, that rate doubles to 3% a year. Around 13% of people from 60 to 70 suffer from sarcopenia.

But the good news is - everyone can be trained for muscular strength, as long as they follow the right program and progressive resistance. It is never too late to start!

Training for muscular strength and muscle mass are different too. To train for muscle mass, it is preferred to engage lower resistance and more reps. To train for muscular strength, however, one actually has to lift heavier weights with fewer reps. As you can imagine, lifting heavy weights is difficult and dangerous without proper guidance and a personal trainer.

It is what Heyday is built for - to help users lift heavier weights, safely, and gain muscular strength efficiently.

Heyday has a groundbreaking A.I. digital resistance system, smart compound training machine, and personal fitness program to maximize your gains and minimize your risks. Our compound training machine prioritizes training large muscle groups in a safe environment. Our daily workout program and resistance system are extremely personalized. We make sure that every movement, every rep, and every resistance is designed specifically for you.

Tired of the leaderboard? At Heyday, we firmly believe that health and wellness is a personal journey. We encourage our users to keep the streak and compete with themselves. No, there will be no leaderboard.

Fear of doing it wrong or not seeing progress? Our innovative game mode allows you to visualize your range of motion and speed. On top of muscle training, it also trains hand-eye coordination. After each workout, you'll receive a progress score to see how you've improved.